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2012 Conference Toluca, Mexico


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ImageJ Roberto Trujillo, M.D., Sc.D.
Pan-American Society of Neuro-Virology


Dear Friends of the Americas

The Pan-American Society of Neurovirology (PASNV) is a non-profit organization and was founded in 2000 by world renowned scientists who have helped pioneer the field of neurovirology across the Americas and continue to develop and implement research, education and leadership efforts. The main purpose of the PASNV is to prevent, treat and eradicate viral diseases in the nervous system in the Americas. Ultimately, the study of neurovirology may lead to improvements in the lifespan of individuals who become infected by viruses, including—but certainly not limited to—AIDS, cancers and neurodegenerative diseases.

Over the past decade, the PASNV, along with organizational partners, has directed its mission across the Americas through the following activities: (1) Advancement and Training of Medical Scientists; (2) Building Academic Networks and Society Chapters; (3) Creating Infrastructures; (4) Developing Clinical and Basic Research Programs; and (5) Education and Professional Development.

The PASNV is comprised of the Board of Directors and the Scientific and Advisory Committees. The Board of Directors is responsible for the affairs of the organization, with input from both the Scientific and Advisory Committees. The headquarters of the society is located in Mexico City and the PASNV now has several offices including Monterrey, Mexico; Campinas, Brazil, and most recently Washington DC, U.S.A.

At present time, the PASNV continues to advance and train medical scientists and implement education and professional programs. In representation of the PANSV, it is a great pleasure to welcome you to Guadalajara, Mexico for the Third Pan-American Symposium on Neurovirology: AIDS, Cancer and Neurodegeneration. This Symposium, organized by the Pan-American Society of Neurovirolgy (PASNV) and in collaboration with the Universidad Autonoma de Guadalajara, brings together fundamental and clinical scientists from across the United States, Canada and Latin America to examine and discuss the most relevant, cutting edge topics within the field of neurovirology. The scientific program of the 3rd Pan-American Symposium on Neurovirology: AIDS, Cancer and Neurodegeneration includes: a keynote lecture, magisterial lectures on virology, AIDS, neurosciences and cancer. The meeting features outstanding speakers selected through-out the Americas in the fields of virology, AIDS, genetics, neuroscience, and neurology. In addition to the Pan-American symposium, there is a workshop on “Magisterial Biomedical Lectures for the 21st Century”. The content of the workshop’s program will discuss important themes, including: the molecular biology of the virus; the immune responses of viral infections in the brain; the cellular regulation of the nervous system; the diagnostic molecular biology tools of neurovirology, and 3-D interactive molecular biology.

I would like to extend our immense gratitude to the researchers who have dedicated their time to participate in this important event. I also extend our appreciation to our co-sponsors, the Universidad Autonoma of Guadalajara, for their generous contributions and we thank the local organizing committee for their hospitality and invaluable assistance. I express great gratitude to all supporters of this meeting, particularly to the Office of AIDS Research and the National Institute of Mental Health, at the National Institutes of Health.

J Roberto Trujillo, M.D. Sc.D.
President, PASNV