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2012 Conference Toluca, Mexico


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The PASNV was founded over 8 years by world renowned scientists who have helped pioneer the field of neurovirology across the Americas and continue to develop and implement research, education and leadership efforts.

  • The Pan-American Society for NeuroVirology was established by the President and Founder, J. Roberto Trujillo, M.D. Sc.D., Vice-president, David Knipe, Ph.D., Secretary, Thomas Fox, Ph.D., and Treasurer, Jesus Ancer-Rodriguez, M.D.
  • First Pan-American Symposium on Neurovirology, Acapulco, Mexico.
  • The Monterrey, Mexico Office of the PASNV is established.
  • Development of the program Microscopy Imaging & Biomedical Research for Neurovirology with the academic partner Universidad Autonoma of Nuevo Leon.
  • Development of a program Herpes Virus Simplex-1 vaccine for Latin America. The Mexican fellowship with the Laboratory of Dr. David Knipe, Harvard University, was established.
  • The Scientific Advisory Board for the Pan-American Neuroscience Program is formed.
  • First meeting with partner members at the University of Puerto Rico.
  • A Post-doctoral and Scientific Exchange Program is established between Harvard Medical School and the Faculty of Medicine, UANL, Mexico to promote the field of neurovirology.
  • Developed a research program for ALS in Mexico. The Mexican fellowship in the Laboratory of Dr. Robert Brown, Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, was established.
  • The Mexican fellows that trained at the laboratory of Dr. Rick Rogers, Harvard University present their findings at the 2nd International Mini-Symposium of Digital Microscopy Imaging and Biomedical Research, Monterrey, Mexico.
  • The PASNV forms part of the International Committee of Motor Neuron Diseases at the Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA, USA.
  • Dr. Trujillo, as president of the PASNV, is nominated as member of the Scientific Advisory Board, Institute of Immunology and Infectious Diseases, UANL, México.
  • The Second Pan-American Symposium on NeuroVirology and AIDS.
  • The PASNV brings extramural members of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, NIH, USA to Monterrey, Mexico to organize a Workshop on Scientific Writing: Proposal Application.
  • The PASNV established five Scientific Programs for the priority research efforts in Latin America.
  • Dr. Jennifer LaVail is named the Second President of the PASNV.
  • The PASNV officers meet in Washington DC, U.S. with members of the Office of AIDS Research and the National Institute of Mental Health, NIH. USA.
  • The PASNV teams with the National Institute of Mental Health, NIH, U.S. to organize a NeuroAIDS Meeting in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
  • The PASNV presents its mission to the Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Madrid, Spain.
  • Dr. J. Roberto Trujillo is named the Third President of the PASNV.
  • The PASNV presents its mission to the Facultad de Medicina, UASLP, San Luis Potosi, Mexico.
  • The PASNV presents its mission to built infrastructute for AIDS Research in the 21st Century in Mexico with Lasker Winners Dr. Robert Gallo and Dr. Max Essex.
  • Inauguration of the Campinas, Brazilian Office of the PASNV. Honor members Dr. Robert Gallo and Dr. J Roberto Trujillo.
  • The PASNV co-organized in Mexico the Leaders Meeting of Human Virology in the Americas, with the Institute of Human Virology, University of Maryland and Universidad Autonoma de Guadalajara.
  • The Guadalajara, Mexico Office of the PASNV is established.
  • The Washington DC Office of the PASNV is established.