The PASNV Achievement Award in Science Print
The Award

Many investigators contribute valuable time in their career path of virology and neuroscience research and foster activities and programs that enhance the field of NeuroVirology. The Pan-American Society of NeuroVirology seeks to recognize an individual’s achievement for making outstanding contributions in the scientific field of NeuroVirology across the Americas.
The PASNV Achievement Award in Science will be presented at the PASNV meeting in Guadalajara, Mexico, April 25, 2008. A commemorative pergamine and a gyratory 50 mm PASNV coin under a modern arch, made both of silver, mounted in a double base of black marmol will be given to the recipient.


The PASNV Achievement Award in Science is open to all regardless gender, nationality or citizenship. Nominees must be living at the time of the nomination. Any individual in the scientific fields of virology and neuroscience that has contributed substantially in the development of areas of NeuroVirology across the Americas is eligible for this achievement in science.

Nomination Procedures

Nominations should include the following information:

  • Nominator’s name, address, e-mail and phone numbers.
  • Nominee’s name and title, institutional affiliation, and contact information.
  • A summary of the basis for the nomination (approximately 500 words).
  • Full curriculum vitae.
  • Any material (articles, books) that illustrates the significance of the nominee’s achievements may also be submitted.


Please submit all information to:

The Pan-American Society of NeuroVirology
1250 Connecticut Ave, Suite 200
Washington DC 20036

If you have any questions about the PASNV achievement Award in Science, please send an e-mail to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .